Submit samples

The samples can be delivered to us by following means:

Via Matkahuolto on a bus

The address: 65100 Vaasa (Customer number 3500093)

As a parcel via Posti

The address: PO Box 92, 65101 Vaasa

Via Posti as a door–to–door parcel, morning delivery

The address: Kuninkaankartanontie 58 A, 65380 Vaasa

You can also deliver the sample personally to the laboratory!
We receive samples from Mondays to Fridays during 08.00-16.00. At other times, please contact the laboratory beforehand in order to agree on a suitable delivery time.

Please send the sample to the laboratory in the quickest manner. If you wish us to conduct microbiological or other quality determinations from your sample, please pack the sample so that it stays cool during the whole shipment. We are happy to give you advice regarding the sampling process and provide you with sampling materials! Please inform the laboratory of the sample shipment and carefully fill out the sample referral.

Sample submission forms:

Fevia Lab

Fevia Lab